Hiring With Intention and Equity

NextGen Mobilization

Education and Implementation

Changing the way our government hires so that the next generation is better able to solve our biggest challenges.

Through education, consulting and industry partnerships, we work to provide contractors and the government with our nation’s best and brightest while assisting in the securement of Government contracts.

Working with the government shouldn’t feel like an exclusive experience.

Precision Collective believes that in order to accurately respond to our nation’s greatest threats both the government and contractor workforce must attract the best and the brightest our nation has to offer and retain them throughout the entirety of their career.  Our mission is to provide government clients with the talent required to execute their missions today and in the future. Our approach to this is a three tiered methodology:

I. Hiring with Intention and Equity.

This means that we are aiding in the provision of adequate, high-value, supplemental contractor workforce.

II. Academia

Education and implementation to enable government agencies to attract the next generation of the civilian workforce. Conversely, we provide instructional training through collaboration with colleges, universities and non-profit organizations to educate, train and excite the next generation of the national security workforce.

III. NextGen Mobilization

This includes research, development and provision of actionable workforce training plans to mobilize the next generation of Government employees.

Why does this matter? 

  • Employees benefit through fair and equal access to a positive work experience.
  • Businesses increase their bottom line while simultaneously delivering excellence.
  • The Government receives a more diverse response and set of solutions from industry with the inclusion of proposals from non-traditional, credible offerors.
  • The nation wins through the variation of industry providers, diversification of the contractor workforce and contributions from top talent and institutional knowledge.

“Alex has provided exceptional proposal support for over 5 years, her level of professionalism and attention to detail is unparalled. Alex is my “go to” for proposal support in bids of various size and scope. I highly recommend Alex for roles that require proposal expertise.”-CACI

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