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Who is Precision Collective? 

A Collective is a term that evokes a sense of community, cooperation, and collaboration. Those principles are exactly what we stand for at the Precision Collective. Working together, it is our mission to equip emerging government contractors with the tools to win business. We understand how government contracting works and we want to ensure that we are working collaboratively with small businesses to secure government contracts. We partner with you so that you are growing your business and the government is in turn receiving the best and brightest to tackle some of our nation’s biggest challenges. 

Precision Collective was founded by Alexandra McCargo. A graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree in Government.  With a family lineage linked to federal contracting, if anyone could have been “prepared” for this work, it was her. Yet when it came to working in this space, she was still unprepared. Little of what she’d learned prepared her for the reality of the government contracting industry. It was only through on the job training, generous mentors and copious amounts of “trial by fire” was she able to become well-versed in winning methodologies of contract capture and business development in addition to spending time supporting customers directly. 

It is because of her experiences, both in an educational setting and hands on learning, that she recognized several opportunities to improve the government contracting space. This corporate development expert is teaching us how Millennials are contributing to the changing landscape of business development.  Not only in how contracts are provisioned, but how the next generation can become more efficient contributing members of the industry. 

So, how can she and her team help you?

Quickly becoming an industry thought leader teaching the next generation of business capture professionals, not only has her business helped to secure one of the largest government contracts for a small business from a Fortune 500, 60+ year incumbent, but has served as an adjunct professor and was named to the National Security & Foreign Policy LGBTQIA+ 2021 Out Leaders List. To say that she and her company can help your business secure new government contracts and acquisitions would be right on target. 

Ms. McCargo has worked with several names in the contracting world. She has provided consultation services to a variety of organizations some include:

  • SAIC
  • CACI
  • ARServices
  • PGPC
  • And testimonials for social proof. 

After years of helping clients win work and make it to unprecedented milestones, she and her team are prepared to tackle the government contracting space with a new approach to old methods. A leading government contracting specialist, Ms. McCargo has worked relentlessly to hone her craft and is ready to share her methodology with people of all experience levels. 

In addition to courses, Precision Collective offers comprehensive business development, proposal, and capture services tailored for emerging and growth-oriented government contractors. We work closely with our clients to identify the opportunities that best suit their capabilities in a vast and competitive government landscape. We then put in place a defined program to identify, pursue, and win government contracts. This is done through a methodology that includes the provision of adequate, high-value, supplemental contractor workforce.  Precision Collective currently taking on more clients, but you can fill out our contact form to be notified when we are.

Exclusively focused on the government contracting space, Precision Collective finds great value in remaining closely involved with influential government contracting associations and partnerships. President and CEO, Alexandra McCargo serves on panels for organizations such as WCAPS and American University and is involved with:

  • WID
  • NDIA
  • NCMA
  • Out in N.S.
  • WIPP

Because we are exclusively focused on the government contracting space, the Precision Collective finds great value in remaining closely involved with influential government contracting associations: