Strategic Planning and Consulting: Hiring with intention and equity.

In order to create a more inclusive and equitable world, it is important that businesses start thinking about diversity and inclusion when hiring. The issue often occurs when D&I hires become a box to check or a quota to fill. This is not the way that hiring should be done. Here at Precision Collective we help our clients create plans that result in intentional and equitable hiring.  This means aiding those organizations in the provision of an adequate, high-value, workforce to contribute to long-term growth.


Partnering with academic institutions enables Precision Collective to prepare the next generation for careers supporting the federal government.  Currently, Precision Collective President, Alexandra McCargo teaches students pursuing their MBAs through actionable, hands-on learning to prepare them in ways most theory based courses are incapable of.


NextGen Mobilization

Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly less enthusiastic about careers in the public sector.  While there are many reasons for this, an often accepted explanation is that Millennials are looking for ways to create greater impact, and view that only possible via the private sector.  In order to appeal to this generation, our Government must find new ways to attract talent.  Precision Collective works with Government Agencies on strategic messaging campaigns and initiatives to tackle this head on.

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